суббота, 9 августа 2014 г.

WA affiliates vs Empower Network

Empover blog cost 25$ per month and you wont promote this product and earn comision,you pay affiliat fee 19$ per month.For 25$ you have simple training and upsell from 25$ to 3000$.

понедельник, 9 мая 2011 г.

Booking Calendar

I have been doing ad swaps for years! It is one of the cornerstones of my internet marketing business. I send out emails just about every day, and I am always looking for ways to make my business more efficient.

One of the biggest problems with email marketing is trying to coordinate everything. When it is time to coordinate an ad swap with someone, you can go back and forth for days trying to pick a date that works for you and your ad swap partner. As someone that is always trying to get out my ads to my audience, I was having a hard time keeping up with everyone. I don’t have time to keep up with everything.

Even though things were getting more and more crazy, I still tried to keep up with it all. A friend of mine introduced me to Safe Swap. This was the answer I had been looking for!

I know you probably don’t understand why this would be such a great membership site, but it has saved me hours and hours of time every day! Now when someone wants to launch a product with me, they just go onto my booking calendar and pick a day to send out their ad! I don’t have to communicate with them, and they can see how large my list is before they even choose to work with me.

In my experience in doing email marketing, you can waste a lot of time just trying to coordinate things with people. It is much easier to have other marketers book themselves on my own booking calendar. I can block off specific days where I don’t want to send out any advertising, and they can see my list information before they commit to working with me. They get to see my feedback, and I get to see their feedback, so I know I can trust the people I am working with!

I get three times as much work done now, and that has resulted in increased revenue!